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Now, I'm the first to admit this web site is badly organized, probably incomprehensible, and generally a mess. Well, so be it. Consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, someone once said. Let me start by saying that I'm mainly interested these days in writing about California and the West, during the days of the Gold Rush.

Someone once asked me when the California Gold Rush ended. I replied that I don't think it ever did. For those interested, I highly recommend the web site of Mary Louisa Locke, author of Maids of Misfortune. She has spent many a long hour unraveling the secrets of early San Francisco. (Me, I'm more likely to just make up stuff.)

Getting back to my own web site, I began by listing my published books in reverse order, from the fourth to the first, with the fifth last. Why, you ask? Because I'm too damn lazy to revise everything. Please remember that bit about hobgoblins. ;-) However, just to make things less confusing, I'm inserting a list of my currently published books and how to find them. I'm now up to my seventh book, with two more in the pipeline. Please check here: 

First things first: My fourth published novel, Journey to Rhyolite, is now "in stock." It's available from Norlights Press. (Print or e book.)

    "Nathaniel had his reasons for his journey to Rhyolite, the greatest boom town in the west. He hoped to find what the snallygaster had taken from him. Some believed it could snatch away whatever you most valued. It had taken Annabelle, the love of his life. Now he was here in Rhyolite, to make his fortune, reunite with Annabelle--and to find the man he murdered back in Baltimore."

Before you ask, the cover graphic is from a photograph of the Cook Bank in Rhyolite, Nevada, as it appears today. If you would like to see more pictures, look here.

My third novel, Gold, was an Eppie award finalist for 2009. I'm told that being a Finalist is a singular honor, for which I feel duly humble. (Well, maybe not really.) The complete title of the book is Gold, a Tale of the California Gold Rush. Here's what the cover looks like:
Gold is available from, Barnes & Noble and other on-line markets. All e book formats may be found at Smashwords.
You can find more about Gold  if you Ask David.

Before Gold, my second book was Chapel Perilous, 2007, dedicated to the memory of Robert Anton Wilson. This story is an urban fantasy/sci-fi adventure dealing with various conspiracy theories such as Government mind control. I love conspiracy theories--even the true ones. This book has now been published in revised form by Norlights Press. Please see the full splashscreen at


My first book was The Terrorist Plot at Gopherville, 2006, with More conspiracy theories. I had great fun writing this story. It was a satire on the previous administration in Washington, as well as Homeland Security. I kept hoping to get arrested for writing it, which would have been great publicity. I have been told it's pretty funny. I had thought it would go out of style after the change in administration, but to my dismay I think I was wrong about that.

I am proud to announce this tome has just been republished (with a new cover) and is now availabe as e book and paperback at all the usual suspect Internet web sellers.

Bradshaw is this geezer who eats roadkill and talks to a gnome. He also talks to his cat, who talks back. Bradshaw would sort of like to overthrow the Government.The Terrorist Plot at Gopherville A political satire about politicians, National Security, and everybody else.

My fifth published novel, "The Imaginary Emperor," is now available. It is about Joshua Norton I, dei gratia Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico. He was a real person, who lived in San Francisco. But that's a story for the next page.