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Being that of Steve Bartholomew, Story Teller.

(sometimes known as the barticle.)

Eppie award finalist, 2009,

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New web site!

For those interested in my books and writing, please take a look at my new web site,

The new place is dedicated to books and publications only. The one you're in now has a bunch of different stuff. Eventually all the book related material on will migrate to the other site. For the time being I plan to maintain it as is. But the other one is hipper, slicker, and cooler.

Be that as it may, I think I have everything working now. Please report any broken links to the Webmaster, namely me. To find out why I go to all this trouble, please read on. 

I am told that in today's world I can not function without a Blog. Every Blog must contain a mug shot of the author. Here, then, is a picture of me:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

In the interest of better organization, I have placed all my podcasts on one page. If you should care to, you may listen to them here:

Also in the cause of less chaos, I have provided a list of my currently published books, with links to where you can see descriptions. Please look here:

Email the web site perpetrator: Bart


   Now, this web site has three parts. First, with latest news, is Blog:    This is where you can see my books. I am a writer of books, a teller of tall tales. 

Next is the place where I keep several articles dealing with archeology. Some of these have been previously published, but I want to keep them available on the webRocks

Also on this site are several articles which I hope you may find interesting. Some of them are the sort of stuff no editor in his right mind would want to publish: Some Thoughts.
Please take a look around this proudly messy web site. I'm not saying you'll like all of it, but maybe parts will entertain you.  :>)


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